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Our Presence in the Press

Geosansar received substantial media attention over the years and has been featured in a number of newspapers


  1. Feature with New Look and Primark  New Look and Primark help Indian factory workers to open bank accounts 
  2. Feature with Marks &Spencer   M&S  
  3. Our exclusive feature in The Economist   Banks have signed up 120m customers in five months 
  4. Our exclusive feature in the Financial Express  Bankers that India can bank on 
  5. Feature in collaboration with John Lewis   John Lewis - Empowerment and livelihoods 
  6. Feature in collaboration with Primark   Primark - Helping workers to open bank accounts 

Geosansar being featured in the CSR reports of the partner Brands

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Geosansar features in the reports of Interational Organisations

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