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Delivering Financial Inclusion to the unbanked

Financial Inclusion: Significance and Meaning


  1. Financial Inclusion has been identified as an enabler for 7 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals  
  2. Around 2 Billion people don’t use formal financial services and more than 50% of the adults in the poorest households are unbanked
  3. Financial Inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and boosting prosperity. WBG President Kim has called for Universal Financial Access (UFA) by 2020.  

  'The combination of consumers’ understanding of financial products and concepts, and their ability and confidence to appreciate financial risks and opportunities to make informed choices, to know where to go for help, and to take other effective actions to improve their financial well-being'.   —The World Bank, DFID, and OECD  

  'A state in which all people who can use them have access to a full suite of quality financial services, provided at affordable prices, in a convenient manner, and with dignity for the clients'.   - Centre for Financial Inclusion  

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Our Objective and Mission

geosansar was formed with the objective of providing financial Education coupled with Access to those at the Base of the Pyramid. geosansar has partnered with global retail brands to implement financial literacy programmes in their supply chain. We are determined to ensure that the underprivileged understands how to take effective actions to improve their well-being.

geosansar has partnered with global retail brands to implement financial literacy programmes in their supply chain.

Since launch, we have completed trainings at over 160 factories covering more than 48,000 workers by implementing 400+ FI Programmes across India and Bangladesh. 


Geosansar Launches in Bangladesh


Partnership with Brac University, Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)


Geosansar initiates it’s Bangladesh chapter through partnering up with Brac University Centre for Entrepreneurship Development as their implementation partner. 

Geosansar and Brac University CED came into the agreement earlier this year in 2018 by signing off the Memorandum of Association. 


Mr Nishit Kotecha (Founder, Geosansar) and Professor Dr Rahim B Talukdar( Adviser, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), BRAC University) sigining off the memorandum of understanding for the geosansar- Brac CED implementation partnership in presence of
Ms Afshana Choudhury (Assistant Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), BRAC University
Mr. Imtiaj Uddin Ahmed, Program Officer, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), BRAC University ) and 

Ms Shabnam Nida Wazed, CSR Consultant- Lead, Bangladesh Geosansar 


Initiates training programme with New Look

Geosansar launches the financial inclusion training session through the supply chain of New Look plc, the key suppliers for New Look retail have been introduced with geosansar earlier this year.

Our Journey



Geosansar established in Hyderabad, India as a social enterprise.


Geosansar delivers its first financial inclusion programme to New Look Suppliers in Delhi.

Geosansar then launched its programme with Primark in Tirupur.

Introduction to Financial Inclusion at BSR, New York, 2010


Launch with M&S with a financial inclusion pilot programme across India. 


Launch our financial inclusion programme with George (Asda) across India covering 2,437 low-income employees across 6 states. 


Profiled at the M&S Plan A conference as a leading CSR practitioner by CEO, Marc Bolland. 


Launch our financial inclusion programme with John Lewis Foundation across India. Launch financial inclusion programme with Twinings 


Geosansar partners up with Atyati Technologies to provide financial access to the low-income workers on a larger scale in India.  


M&S Financial inclusion conference in Delhi and Bangalore 


Shortlist for UK-India Awards 2017 CSR project

Finalist Drapers CSR award

Live in Bangladesh

Our Values

Core Values

As an organisation, we adhered to a certain set of values from the time of our inception. We believe this significantly assisted us in growing and developing positive business relations over the years. 

Honesty and Intergrity

We are committed to promoting the highest standards of honesty and integrity throughout our organisation

Mutual Respect

We are committed to creating an environment where every stakeholder (customers, partners, employees and shareholders) fosters the spirit of trust and respect

Customer Commitment

We are committed to growing strong relationships with our customers that will make a positive difference to their livelihoods 

A Good Corporate Citizen

We recognise that our actions impact the community as a whole and are committed to operating at the highest possible standards across all of our activities 

Corporate Governance

geosansar will seek to protect its stakeholders’ values by protecting their interests, honesty, integrity, mutual respect and commitment to its customers by being a good corporate citizen - all of which make up geosansar’s Core Values and will ensure high levels of corporate governance. geosansar shall comply with not only the statutory requirements, but also voluntarily formulate and adhere to a set of strong Corporate Governance practices. geosansar believes in setting high standards of ethical values, transparency and a disciplined approach to achieve excellence in all its sphere of activities. geosansar shall strive hard to best serve the interests of its stakeholders comprising of shareholders, customers, Government and the society at large.