Mission & Vision


geosansar’s mission is to provide Financial Literacy through education and training to those at the Bottom of the Base, especially in the supply chain. We are determined to ensure that the underprivileged understands how to take effective actions to improve their well-being.


Our vision is to become synonymous to the empowerment of bottom of the pyramid through financial literacy & education.

Core Values

Honesty and Integrity

We are committed to promoting the highest standards of honesty and integrity throughout our organisation

Mutual Respect

We are committed to creating an environment where every stakeholder (customers, partners, employees and shareholders) fosters the spirit of trust and respect

Customer Commitment

We are committed to growing strong relationships with our customers that will make a positive difference to their livelihoods

A Good Corporate Citizen

We recognise that our actions impact the community as a whole and are committed to operating at the highest possible standards across all of our activities

Corporate Governance

geosansar will seek to protect its stakeholders’ values by protecting their interests, honesty, integrity, mutual respect and commitment to its customers by being a good corporate citizen - all of which make up geosansar’s Core Values and will ensure high levels of corporate governance.

geosansar shall comply with not only the statutory requirements, but also voluntarily formulate and adhere to a set of strong Corporate Governance practices. geosansar believes in setting high standards of ethical values, transparency and a disciplined approach to achieve excellence in all its sphere of activities. geosansar shall strive hard to best serve the interests of its stakeholders comprising of shareholders, customers, Government and the society at large.


23 states; 4 states in India with market leadership position

18 Number of banks tied up with

10,000+ Number of CSP’s tied up with

30,000+ Villages covered

17,000,000+ Total customers

Latest Updates

145 factories

40,000 + workers trained

350 + FI programmes implemented across 7 states

Our Partners