160 Factories

We have implemented our financial inclusion training programmes in over 160 factories 

48,000 Workers

Through our trainings, we have directly covered over 48,000 workers in the supply chains of international retail brands.

400+ FI Programmes

We have successfully implemented 400+ FI programme training workshops in the factories. 

Pioneer of Financial Inclusion in Supply Chain

Who we are


geosansar was formed with the objective of providing financial education alongside access to those who live and work at the Base of the Pyramid. These communities were accessed through global companies across all sectors who are well positioned to promote financial literacy in their supply chains. These supply chains extend throughout the developing world and have direct connection to the world’s working poor.

  geosansar has partnered with global retail brands to implement financial literacy programmes in their supply chain.

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Our Services

  Apart from promotion of financial inclusion through  upholding financial literacy in the supply chain; geosansar is now involved in a number of other social development services which promotes financial as well as occupational wellbeing of the low wage workers. Services as such includes the following: 

Financial Diaries

Wage Digitisation

Financial Independence Index

Minimum Wage Analysis

Occupational behaviour (also called Introduction to Modern Slavery Act 2015)

We Support

UN Sustainability Goals

Voices of Workers

Renu speaks of her experience of participating in the financial inclusions training programme conducted by geosansar 

Pawan Tiwari shares his understanding of the fundamantal concepts of budgeting and savings though geosansar's financial inclusion training programme. 

Testimonials of Workers

Gulab Devi- SAAM Textiles Kishangarh, Rajasthan


I am a 35-year-old factory worker and I have been using banking for the purpose of salary account but I was unable to withdraw any money due to lack of knowledge. I have been given an ATM card and a few of my family members have received it as well, however our understanding of managing money was very limited. With the instructions, I received from training, I now know how to use the card and manage my finances. Moreover with the precautions I have learnt, I have also learnt to be careful with using the ATM card’.

Seema Mishra- Tusha Textiles


“This Financial Inclusion programme was a great learning experience for me. I could relate to everything that was taught here. I have decided that I will share my learning with my family, relatives & neighbours, especially fellow women. Thank you team geosansar, Tusha Textiles and George Asda

Alkuddin, Scotts Garments (Sipcot)


I am working here since 7 years and it was a pleasure to attend the geosansar training. We hardly get to learn new things but with session like these we have learnt on how to plan our future. Earlier I used to always try and save but some way or the other I use to end up spending all my earnings. I have learnt about goal based savings now and would definitely use it to save for my future.

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