• Delivering

    Financial Inclusion
  • Delivering

    Financial Inclusion
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  • Nominated for UK-India Awards

    - CSR Project of the Year (2016-2017)
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Financial Literacy

geosansar’s programme of financial inclusion is a catalyst for the implementation of financial inclusion on a large scale.


geosansar has partnered with Atyati Technologies

About us

geosansar was established to provide comprehensive financial inclusion, literacy and education to enable financial inclusion to cover the large section of the society who is financially excluded.


We've crossed several milestones since inception and more to go.


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- relating to earth, or alternatively, the similarly pronounced, 'jiyo' (Hindi), meaning to live


- 'the whole world' (Hindi)

Literally translated therefore, geosansar means Live, the whole world! or, more intuitively, helping the world live better. More important than this literal translation is the concept that geosansar represents - giving people equal access to banking and financial services that have hitherto been inaccessible, enabling financial inclusion.

Providing Financial Literacy to the Base of the Pyramid


23 states; 4 states in India with market leadership position

18 Number of banks tied up with

10,000+ Number of CSP’s tied up with

30,000+ Villages covered

17,000,000+ Total customers

Latest Updates

145 factories

40,000 + workers trained

350 + FI programmes implemented across 7 states


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